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St Silvanus Celija Journal
being the
pastoral & theophilophical writings of
Father Stavrophoremonk Symeon-Najmanje
of the
Novi Kloštar Hermitage<<St. John the Divine>>

Father Symeon-Najmanje is under the omophorion of, the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion.

He is a Romualdian Benedictine by the typikon & monastic spirituality he follows as an Orthodox Christian monastic hermit.

The Novi Kloštar Hermitage of St John the Divine was founded by Papa Symeon in 1999 under the American Metropolia of the Church of True Orthodox Christians.  On December 14, 2014 the Hermitage was received by Metropolitan Hilarion into the ROCOR family.  Novi Kloštar Hermitage is located within Onondaga County of the State of New York (USA) & is a member of the ROCOR Western Rite Community.

Papa Symeon prays & begs for your support in growing the Hermitage.  Since 2015 there has been numerous inquiries by prospective aspirants to monastic life. Although many would have been joyfully accepted as novices this was impractical due to the lack of appropriate facilities for more than a single resident; which is the current situation.  This must change!  The Hermitage requires assistance in the manner of donations of both substantial financial and a gift of rural property.

Financial donations may be given via

For real property gifts contact Papa Symeon directly:

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